Gentle Yoga using Feldenkrais Method with Ellen

Gentle Yoga using Feldenkrais Method with Ellen

Posted by Caroline
on 01/10/2018
10/01/2019 @ 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Yoga for Harmony
143a Arthur Rd
Windsor SL4 1RU
£10 drop-in or block booking available
Ellen O’Farrell
07736 101 610

Drop-in £10 or block booking available:

Suitable for all:

Restorative Feldenkrais is a way to re-educate the body’s movement patterns using subtle but powerful combinations of movements to access and change the years of habits that comprise our normal posture and way of using ourselves. Group classes are called Awareness through Movement classes and are generally mat based lying on the floor, although some classes take place in sitting, standing and walking. The movements in the classes help students to discover easier and more efficient ways of moving, which can indirectly provide increased strength or range of movement without having worked to build muscles or to stretch them.

Attention to internal experience is a large part of the method and as such there are similarities to some martial arts but without a set external form that is practiced. The Feldenkrais method can change deep-seated movement habits and as such can improve balance, performance in sports or quality of movement in dance. Feldenkrais can provide relief from muscular pain or tension and is particularly helpful in preventing reocurring injuries caused by our habitual ways of moving.

The method can be applied at many levels, from rehabilition for stroke victims to fine tuning movement for professional musicians and is particularly useful for sportspeople, dancers, musicians and actors. Classes normally focus on a specific theme such as connection with the ground or spinal rotation and there is a huge variety in topics. The movements are exploratory, varied and often playful with the overall class creating a sense of relaxation and ease as well as leading to improved posture and movement. In the words of the founder of the method, Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, the method is about “making the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant”.

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