Mindful Hypnotherapy with Evelina

Mindful Hypnotherapy with Evelina

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on 18/07/2014
22/04/2017 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Yoga for Harmony
143 Arthur Rd
Windsor SL4 1RU
Full course £190 single session £25
Evelina Dzimanaviciute
07825 163 763

10 monthly Saturday sessions bookable as a course or as single sessions

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool to get you into an open state of mind, from where you can take new subconscious learnings. It is a state similar to mindfulness meditation, but with a therapeutic suggestive language used during deep guided relaxation. This specific group workshop has been developed to eliminate simple and common obstacles we all face in our every- day lives. It is achieved by acquiring the knowledge of our subconscious brain processes and learning practical applications to have better control of our own emotional states and life circumstances, in turn enhancing different aspects of our wellbeing. It is a powerful therapeutic change framework that is structured to build resilience and enable you to create success on your own terms.

This 10-week programme can be taken as a full course, or drop in sessions only, depending on your personal needs – you can get full course information and each session description here. There is no experience needed, you only need to have a commitment of wanting to make a positive change in your life.

1. Escaping Stress – 17th September, 2016

2. Better Sleep – 15th October, 2016

3. Information processing and memory – 12th November, 2016

4. Rebalancing Work and Personal life – 14th January, 2017

5. Erasing Phobias – 18th February, 2017

6. Anger and Fear – 18th March, 2017

7. Confidence – 22nd April, 2017

8. Building Resilience – 13th May, 2017

9. Love and attachment: childhood limiting beliefs – 17th June, 2017

10. Making your dreams reality: goal setting – 15th July, 2017

Cost: If you choose to attend only a few individual classes of your choice, price is £25 for 2 hour session. If you would like to attend the complete course of all 10 sessions, you can book  in advance for £190, saving you £60, or 24% of the full cost. of individual sessions.  You can find more information, book your place and pay online at www.beyourlight.co.uk/#events.  Alternatively you can pay in person after the session.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact Evelina direct:

Email: Evelina@beyourlight.co.uk     Mobile: 07825 163 763

About Evelina Dzimanaviciute:

Evelina Dzimanaviciute is a qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master practitioner, Hypnotherapist and change management coach. Her main areas of specialisation alongside NLP and hypnotherapy include children's psychology, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, CBT, and specific interest in the Interpersonal Neurobiology.  Evelina believes overall human wellbeing can only be achieved by perfect mind and body balance, therefore incorporating yoga, mindfulness, and meditation experience into her professional practice. Wide psychology field and range of experiences provided her with the great insight into understanding human psychology and relations, explaining why we behave, think and feel in a particular way and how we can fit better into ever-changing social and economic environment. Her work is therefore dedicated to guiding people and organisations through changes, ensuring positive personal and corporate transformations.

You can read more about Evelina on her website www.BeYourLight.co.uk

Parking: Please click here for details of available parking for our workshops.

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