“Bones for Life” Masterclass with Marye Wyvill

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“Bones for Life” Masterclass with Marye Wyvill

17 June, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


There is widespread concern about the increasing numbers of people being diagnosed with osteoporosis. In view of the sedentary lifestyles imposed on more and more children, this problem can only get worse over the coming decades. The effect of being told one is osteoporotic can be devastating. One assumes deterioration is inevitable, curtails movement from fear of fracture, and places faith in supplements. But consider the following examples:

An astronaut returning to earth has to be carried from his craft because his bones are too weak to support him. After living for just a few months in zero-gravity, he is suffering significant loss of bone density, which will, however, return within two years, after a vigorous programme of exercise.

Throughout rural Africa, women are carrying up to a third of their body weight on their heads. Their bone density is lower than that of the average woman in the west, yet osteoporotic fracture is extremely rare.  Unlike the average westerner, their movement is fluid and their posture graceful.

From the first example we learn that it is possible to re-build bone, and, from the second, that posture and movement style are likely to be factors contributing to immunity from fracture.

Ruthy Alon, founder of “Bones for Life”, has worked with NASA, devising  exercise regimes to counter the effects of zero-gravity. She has also lived with the Masai tribe in Kenya, and spent many years analysing the harmonious movement style of women who successfully carry heavy loads on their heads. “Bones for Life”, a programme of strengthening bone through natural movement and weight-bearing posture, is the result of a lifetime of research. For more information, see  www.bonesforlife.com

Our “Bones for Life” day will include:

  • introducing the background and methodology of Ruthy Alon’s Bones for Life programme
  • demonstrating the two main options for the response of the spine to pressure
  • exploring safe posture for sustaining the dynamic movements that can build bone
  • exploring strategies for promoting uprightness and the body-language of gentle assertion and leadership
  • learning from evolutionary patterns of self-mobilization

Marye’s background in yoga includes 5 years’ training at the Dharma Yoga Centre under the tutelage of Julie Friedeberger and Swami Dharmananda, and 4 years as resident and teacher at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. I have additionally trained as a “Bones for Life” teacher.

If you are a teacher this workshop is suitable for FRYOG CPD and BWY CPD.  If you attend please make sure it is noted on the register that you are a FRYOG/BWY teacher for CPD records”.

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17 June, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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