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Tutor Profiles

Julie Potter (BWY Dip)

_DX_0587I began practising yoga in 1993, following the birth of my fourth daughter, an impending divorce and the end of my 12 year career in full time pub management. It started as a welcome relief from an overbusy life, but before long became a passion and the start to a new way of life.

My studies began with roots in Iyengar Yoga, but over the years I have moved towards the idea of natural body movements, and posture work related to the alignment, the natural function and the well being of the body with particular attention to anatomy.

My personal yoga development is now with teachers such as Peter Blackaby and Gary Carter. I qualified as a British Wheel teacher in 2004, but began teaching as a cover teacher in 2002.  As well as teaching classes at the studio I also teach at several local Health Clubs and Sports Centres. I also teach corporate classes and ‘one to ones’.

My classes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced students. I like to create an atmosphere of dedicated practise, but in a warm and friendly atmosphere where we are able to enjoy yoga together.

The Yoga for Harmony Studio ‘evolved’ in 2006, out of a personal desire to have my own space in which to teach, but also as a business and career challenge. In the future, I hope to develop the studio into a full yoga and holistic centre.

Amanda Coulson (Fryog Dip.)

DSCF1873Amanda Coulson has been teaching Comprehensive Hatha Yoga since 1997 having studied with Swami Satyaratnananda Saraswati in the Satyananda or Bihar tradition. Since qualifying Amanda has taught in both the Public and Private sector. She has specialised in therapeutic Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) at an internationally recognised rehabilitation clinic.

For the past 17 years Amanda has been a teacher trainer for The Friends of Yoga Society International (since 1999). Amanda has held the post of Chairman and Training and Standards Officer for the Society. Amanda became a YogaAlliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level (E-RYT 500) in 2000. This is an International Register established in the USA to promote a global standard for Yoga Teachers.

Ashley Bowes (Yoga Alliance Dip)

Ashley head shoulders2015I have been practising yoga for around ten years and experienced range of different styles from Iyengar, to Vinyasa Flow, to Integral yoga, to Scaravelli inspired styles. I have always returned to hatha, this being the style that reminds me again and again of who I am, who I want to be and how I want to feel and flourish, both on the mat and off.

It is by grounding, centering, moving in a bi-mechanically sound way and being accepting of my limitations and appreciative of my abilities, by calming my mind and remembering my breath that I can move through the world happily and peacefully with a sound body and mind.

Over the past few years my yoga practice and studies have evolved away from the ancient Hindu texts which I have found to be somewhat inaccessible and irrelevant to my modern, Western experience and moved towards a preference of examining modern neuroscience, psychology and humanist philosophy, bringing a broader context with which to explore the human condition and all the inherent ups and downs therein. I seek to understand yoga from the perspective of the modern world in which I live, to be forward looking and develop a useful criteria on which to found a useful yoga practice  I believe that it is important to frame modern day yoga in a meaningful context to avoid it becoming simply another exercise regime and recognizing the true importance of human health and flourishing encouraged by and through the practice of yoga.

I forever remain a student of yoga and am currently a participant of Pete Blackaby’s 18 month Grounded Yoga course as well as being an attendant of many Gary Carter workshops as well as Monica Voss, Zoe Knott, John Stirk and a host of other marvellous teachers. I have a 200hr Yoga Alliance qualification.

Caroline Chatterton (BWY Dip & Natural Bodies Dip)

I started practicing Iyengar Yoga in 1997. I have since changed my focus to a practice that revolves around releasing tension, freeing the breath and working from the spine. I have worked with a number of Vanda Scaravelli inspired teachers, and continue my personal practice along these lines.

Teachers I have worked extensively with are Gary Carter and Peter Blackaby. In 2002 I embarked on the British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course. I then completed the 3 year BWY Diploma course in May 2005. I have been teaching since July 2002. In Dec 2006 I also completed the 2.5 year teacher training course with Gary Cater at Natural Bodies.

I find I am drawn to anatomy and physiology, and a way of working that facilitates change in mind and body. My classes are suitable for all levels of experience from beginner to the more experienced student.

Chloe Watts

Chloe WattsFor information on Chloe Watts take a look on her website www.myhappybody.co.uk




David Moseley (Tai Chi)

David met his first teacher Quincy Rabot while studying for his Master’s Degree in 1984. With Quincy he studied Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Ba Gua, the three arts of the nei jia or internal school of Chinese martial arts, and Quincy continues to mentor him over twenty-five years later.

David has since developed his studies with several other internationally respected teachers – including Yang Jwing Ming, Peter Ralston, B. K. Frantzis, and Dr. Xie Pei Qi of Beijing. Since 1988, David has offered courses in colleges, health clubs, clinics and companies, as well as teaching and coaching his own students. David is an Advanced Level Instructor member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

He is inspired by seeing the unfolding of his students’ natural potential in the practice of Tai Chi. This can bring enhanced health, martial and other skill, and in time leads to a sense of connection with the natural environment and the universal energies around us. Because of this, David has now given his Tai Chi work the name Ziran Bodymind Arts. Ziran is a Chinese word that expresses naturalness in being and moving, attained through the practice of the Chinese internal arts.

Deborah Le Vene-Page (FRYOG Dip)

Deborah originally trained as a professional dancer with the London School of Contemporary Dance. She then later evolved from dance to yoga when she discovered that yoga had an extremely calming and centring influence, particularly through difficult times.

She has been practicing yoga for many years and qualified as a teacher in 2005 with Friends of Yoga International (FRYOG).  She teaches with grace, warmth and a good sense of humour, drawing on her experience of different styles and practices studied with many international senior yoga teachers in London and overseas.

Coming from a dance background, Deborah is particularly inspired by a more dynamic style of practice and her main influences are Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and the sophisticated alignment principles and heart orientated philosophy of Anusara Yoga. Deborah completed in March 2013 the Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 hours Anusara Teacher Training programme with Bridget Woods-Kramer.

Deborah enjoys helping others to realise the benefits of yoga and aims to guide her students to find freedom, flexibility and strength in the body with a sense of peace, harmony and joy.

Ellen O’Farrell (Feldenkrais Guild, Yoga Alliance Dip)

Ellen Head Shoulders2015I am passionate about movement in all its forms and have danced ever since starting ballet and tap at the age of 4. My current dance passions are Argentine Tango and Egyptian Bellydance.

I discovered the Feldenkrais method 15 years ago as rehabilitation for a back injury in a horse riding accident. I later became fascinated by the wider potential of the method for improving movement from noticing the impact it had on my dancing and undertook the four year training to qualify as a Feldenkrais practitioner.

I started practising yoga in the late 1990s and have followed a meandering path with my own yoga journey through a variety of yoga forms and meditation practices including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Mindfulness and Soto Zen. One strand along this path led me to undertake Embodied Dancer yoga training for dancers and to qualify as a teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. I find Feldenkrais constantly intriguing as a practice in itself, but for me the genius of the method is in the ways it has transformed my dance, my yoga, my horse riding or my running.

I particularly enjoy helping students find ways of taking their discoveries off the mat and into their wider lives, whether this is in managing injuries, changing postural habits, improving sports performance or increasing sensitivity for manual work or playing an instrument.

Bellydance2 As well as the Feldenkrais I now teach an Egyptian Bellydance class for beginners at Yoga for Harmony.  This dance has fascinated me since I first saw it as a child growing up in North Africa.  I was lucky enough to learn the basics there and I still vividly remember my first performance aged 10.  I have studied Egyptian style and some fusion styles and done most of my training with the Rachel Bennett School of Bellydance here in the UK.  I now teach some of their beginner and improver classes as well as continuing my own studies.

Bellydance encourages a style of movement that is flowing, circular and feminine and quite a contrast to most yoga forms.  It encourages grace and an earthy sense of groundedness.  Most importantly it brings me a huge amount of joy that I love to share either by teaching or performing this ancient and beautiful dance form.

Filomena Duarte (B.W.Y dip. B.Sc.(Hons.)Psych. Dip.C.G)

Fil head shoulders 2015

Member of The Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy; YogaInternational.com; and The British Wheel of Yoga.

 As a Psychology Graduate with a career in Occupational Psychology  and a busy Mother of two young children – I was introduced to Yoga!

21 years of dedicated and consistent practice has followed with the guidance and inspiration of The Himalayan and Vedantic Traditions, particularly Rolf Sovik-  Spiritual Director of The Himalayan Institute (H.I) U.S.; The Swami Heads of The Vedanta Centres in The U.K- Swami Dayatmananda and Swami Veetamohananda (France); And, more recently, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head (H.I) with whom am studying The Yoga Sutras Master Course.

Yoga as the integrative, systematic and practical path to embracing life to the full, fulfilling ones true potential for intuitive wisdom, joy and purposeful living, is what I have tried to share, in a B.W.Y Teaching career spanning 16 years!

Retreats, workshops and seminars have covered Yoga, Relaxation, Pranayama- Prana Dharana, Meditation, and Yoga Philosophy- With themes such as ‘Free the Body, Breath and Mind’ for H.I (U.K); ‘Moving Inwards’; ‘Understanding the Mind’;  ‘Managing your Anxiety….Anger….Sadness’- A series of 1 day workshops; ‘A Practitioner’s Guide to The Yoga Sutras’ and  ‘The Yamas and Niyamas in Everyday Life’ for The British Wheel of Yoga ;  ‘How to Meditate’; ‘The Chakras’; ‘Heart-Centred Meditation’ and simply Yoga….!

Justine Clifford (Yoga Alliance approved, Registered Yoga Tutor)

photoJustine discovered Yoga in her early 20’s as a means to find some peace in a chaotic world juggling both a full time career in marketing & voluntary work with a various charities.

She discovered that Yoga was extremely calming and helped to bring some clarity at a time when you can feel a little lost. She particularly loved Yoga’s healing properties as she went on to learn more about the body’s energy systems.

To deepen both her own practice and go on to share this gift with others, Justine has recently qualified with The Yoga People completing 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket.

Justine looks forward very much to helping you discover the benefits of Yoga and the joy and peace it can bring.

Katia Cornwall

Katia Cornwall is certified ‘Deeply Awake Yoga Nidra’ Teacher. Approved and certified by BWY.

Katia is also a  Kundalini StarChild Tutor approved and recognised by KYTA UK. She teaches children and teens from 3-17 years the wonderful philosophy of yoga and mindfulness which will empower their life. In addition, she has also been working with autistic children and special needs for the last 10 years and can see the benefit of the yoga practise with children, teens adults on the spectrum. Katia is trained and offers Yoga for Autism Therapy to children, Teenagers and Young Adults. She is an active member, Yoga Mindfulness Teacher and fundraiser for Autistic Berkshire Society.

She is trained and experienced in working with small and large groups of children/Teens/Young Adults. Katia is fun to work with, and completely professional and discrete. She is insured with DSC Insurance Services and also currently hold a ‘clean’ DBS Certificate. For full details of  yoga for children and teenagers go to Katia’s website www.yoga4kids123.co.uk or send to enquiry to kat@yoga4kids123.co.uk

Lisa Christensen (Inner Yoga Trust Dip)

lisa head shoulders2015I have practised yoga over the last 15 years and experienced a range of different styles before choosing to train with the Inner Yoga Trust UK. Through my own yoga practise I have transformed my own body, mind and emotions. I am really passionate about sharing this with my students. I truly believe that if we can find space in the body we can also find space in the mind.

I am dedicated to gaining knowledge through continued study with the Inner Yoga Trust, in particular Jenny Beeken, (who trained with BKS Ivengar in India) this teaching gives the benefit of inner awareness of whole body movement.

My teaching style enables students to develop awareness through the use of basic yoga postures and breathing. Yoga is for everyone; come along and experience your body breath and mind.

Liz Butler (FRYOG Dip)

Liz head shoulders2015Liz enjoys teaching yoga for different levels, from beginners to the more experienced, offering a serene and inclusive atmosphere in which to explore the practice of yoga to suit individual progress. She recognises that one of the benefits of regular yoga practice is the release of tension, whether this is physical, mental or emotional. Liz also hosts a monthly Deep Relaxation session on Saturday afternoons.

Liz developed her yoga practice after leaving a managerial job in a large media corporation. She has been teaching yoga since 2005, and also works as a humanistic counsellor in a variety of settings. She views yoga as a lifelong journey of exploration, and continues to attend a variety of workshops and classes to deepen her development as both practitioner and teacher.

Paula Marriott (BWY Dip and Yoga Alliance Dip)

PaulaMarriottMy interest in the benefits of Yoga spans more than three decades. Research into alternative and complementary therapies for my sister’s book ‘A Cancer Companion’ as well as my own studies and practice, reinforced my belief that Yoga offers a unique holistic approach to  mind, body and spirit providing us with many tools which may help us to cope better with the challenges of daily life.

Personally I have experienced the benefits of yoga in areas of stress and tension release, increased flexibility, relief from back pain and weight control. I was fortunate to do my training for the Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga qualifications with Dr. Elena Voyce, a former forensic physician and advanced Yoga and Pilates instructor.

Fascinated by our anatomy and physiology, I have since been inspired by tutors Peter and Sabine Blackaby and Gary Carter and now tend to teach yoga based on movements that our evolution has determined come most naturally to our bodies and those we need to maintain to live our lives in the fullest sense.

In my classes I aim to encourage an attitude of self-nuture where we work within a comfortable range so the movements made can feed back positively to the nervous system. With focus on our alignment, I like to link movement with the breath to encourage physical and emotional balance and wherever possible create a flowing sequence. I like to think that when we practise yoga regularly we might eventually glimpse a state of  ‘effortless effort’  where we move without bringing any additional tension to our intended actions…and, as a bi-product, perhaps we can start to enjoy this away from the mat as well.

A typical class will include some relaxation, meditation and the practice of breathing techniques to activate the body’s relaxation response which can bring a cascade of benefits to the body. As well as group classes which are suitable for beginners to more experienced students I also teach tailored one to one classes. I am delighted to be joining Yoga for Harmony and look forward very much to seeing you there.

For further information please visit https://www.facebook.com/TheYogaWorks.

Nancy Driver (FRYOG Dip)Nancy Driver

Nancy has been passionate about yoga since she began practising over 15 years ago. Since that time her love of yoga has flourished and in 2011 she began her FRYOG teacher training with Amanda Coulson.

She has trained in comprehensive hatha yoga and has expanded her teaching to include Yoga for Children as well as deep relaxation and yoga for seniors. In 2014 she completed training her training in Yoga and Mindfulness for Children with Jyoti (Jo) Manuel, founder of Special Yoga Foundation.

Nancy believes that yoga is a wonderful way to help children thrive, to help them reduce stress, to feel calm, settled and relaxed. She teaches traditional hatha classes tailored for children infused with fun, energy and creativity.

Ram Inderpreet Kaur

Ram Inderpreet Kaur is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and member of KYTA UK. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2010 after graduating from the first teacher training programme in Scotland. She has since completed her Level Two training in France under the tutelage of Karta Singh, Hari Har Ji and others, and is now a teacher trainer for Sahej Academy.

After practising other forms of yoga for several years, Ram Inderpreet discovered Kundalini Yoga during a period of serious illness. It brought her such immediate and remarkable transformation on every level that she began training as a teacher almost immediately. With a background in supporting vulnerable and abused women she is very aware of the effects our stressful lives can have on the body and mind.

She is extremely grateful for the insight, power and wisdom Yogi Bhajan’s teachings have brought to her life. And for the complete overhaul they set in motion! She now draws on her own life experience and a committed personal practice of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma to pass on these inspirational teachings to others. Ram Inderpreet has also trained in Theta Healing.

Wayne Boyce (FRYOG Dip)Wayne Boyce

I came to Yoga in 2010 after being involved with and practicing various martial arts. After 4 years of practice I decided that all I had learnt and discovered across the Arts had many similarities and should be passed on to others, who may want a different look at their yoga practice, so I recently took the plunge and completed my 200hr teaching diploma with FRYOG (Friends of Yoga).

After getting a little lost during my teacher training, a set of Sing bowls and Gongs fell in to my life. These have transformed into an entirely different set of disciplines and its effects help bring a new dimension in to mine and others practice…the learning never stops as we all progress along our path.

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