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Yoga is a non competitive activity – it is non competitive between yourself and others as well as non competitive with yourself. Always work within your limitations and move slowly and gently. Listen to you body and avoid straining or forcing. Remember to enjoy your practise.

It is recommended that students practise on an empty stomach, so we suggest that you leave at least two hours between a large meal, and at least one hour between a light meal and your practise.

What to Wear

We recommend that for all classes students wear loose and comfortable clothing with layers that are easily removed or added to allow for changes in body temperature during class. We prefer students to practise with bare feet. We advise minimal or no jewellery, long hair might be better tied back.

What to Bring

The studio is fully equipped with mats, blocks and belts. However, if you have your own equipment, please feel free to bring it along. Other than that you will not need to bring anything else.

What to Expect

Most traditional Hatha Yoga classes follow a similar format. The varying styles of yoga will differ slightly and if you are unsure do contact Julie for more details 0n 07828 132 091.

A typical Hatha Yoga class is usually structured as follows:

  • Short Relaxation or Preparation Period
  • Breath awareness/practises
  • Some gently limbering/warming up exercises
  • Asana/Posture work
  • Breathing practises and guided relaxation to finish

Classes are always modified and adapted to suit the variety of abilities and experience of the class, and students are always encouraged to work within their own range of ability.

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