Frequently Asked Questions 

Yoga is a non competitive activity  
It is non competitive between yourself and others as well as non competitive with yourself. Always work within your limitations and move slowly and gently. Listen to your body and avoid straining or forcing. Remember to enjoy your practise. 

Is there any studio etiquette that I should be aware of? 

We request your co-operation with a few small codes of conduct whilst attending Yoga for Harmony.  
If it is your first attendance please arrive about 10 minutes before the start of class so that you can introduce yourself and make your tutor aware of any medical conditions or injuries you may have, or if you are pregnant. Subsequent classes please aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before the class is due to begin in order to get settled, and to allow the class to start on time.  
For security reasons the studio is locked once the class has started so late arrivals will need to knock to gain access. If you arrive more that 5 minutes late you may be refused as this disturbs those already settled.  
Please observe our parking requests and restrictions.  
To maintain cleanliness we request no shoes inside the teaching space. Shoes should be left in the shoe racks provided in the lobby. Coats and bags should be hung up and left in the lobby on the coat hooks provided, but please bring valuables into the teaching studio with you.  
Please avoid wearing strong perfumes and fake tan as these can cause irritation to others, and stain the mats.  
Please ensure your phone is turned off, is not set to vibrate, and is put out of sight during the class. 
In order to keep the mirrors smear free and clean for the next class, please do not use them as a prop for your practice unless the tutor specifically suggests this.  
Replace any mats and equipment used in the appropriate shelving space at the end of class.  
Do not flush paper hand towel down the toilet and please switch off the light when you leave.  
Please make sure you tidy up any drinks you have and please make sure you put your litter in the bin provided or take it home with you.  
We try to provide a calm, quiet teaching space for the yoga classes. Please be respectful of this and keep conversations to the minimum.  
Remember to take all your belongings home with you. 
Scroll down to see more questions that are frequently asked. 

I am a complete beginner – what classes are suitable for me? 

Most of our regular weekly classes welcome beginners. There are one or two marked ‘intermediate’ or ‘not suitable for beginners’ so at the start of your yoga journey those classes are not recommended. You will see full details when you ‘click’ on the class on the timetable. 
Most of the 'Hatha' Yoga classes which are spread throughout the week during the day and the evening, would be suitable. Some are specifically named 'beginners', but are also suitable for those returning to yoga following a break, or who may be recovering from,  
or managing injuries or medical conditions.  

What should I wear? 

We recommend that for all classes students wear loose and comfortable clothing with layers that are easily removed or added to allow for changes in body temperature during class. We prefer students to practise with bare feet. We advise minimal or no jewellery.  
Long hair might be better tied back. 

Should I eat before I come or not? 

It is recommended that students practise on an empty stomach, so we suggest that you leave at least two hours between a large meal, and at least one hour between a light meal and your practise. 

What should I expect to experience at the class? 

Most traditional Hatha Yoga classes follow a similar format. The varying styles of yoga will differ slightly and if you are unsure do contact Julie for more details 0n 07828 132 091, or contact the tutor direct of the class that you are interested in.  
A typical Hatha Yoga class is usually structured as follows: Short relaxation or preparation period perhaps with breath awareness/practises. Some gently limbering/warming up exercises. Asana/posture work and guided relaxation/short meditaion to finish.  
Classes are always modified and adapted to suit the variety of abilities and experience of the class, and students are always 
encouraged to work within their own range of ability. 

What if I have any medical conditions? 

If you are suffering from any medical conditions or taking medication then please consult your doctor prior to undertaking any new exercise programme.  
Some classes are unsuitable for specific medical conditions so please discuss this with the tutor of the class before attending. Always inform your instructor before any class/session, if there is something you think they should know or that might affect your practise. 

Where can I park? 

We do not have our own parking outside the studio so please check our parking suggestions below before attending classes. The access road to the studio is pedestrian only for users of the studio. There are plenty of nearby public car parks, the easiest being the car park for the Windsor Leisure Centre, Stovell Road, SL4 5JB and then access is along Vansitaart Road and Duke Street. There is also the Alma Road car park, SL4 3HY and access would then be along Arthur Road, to Alma Road at the traffic lights by the Coop food store. These are very reasonably priced for our week day classes, but can work out expensive for longer workshop classes on Saturdays, so double up on transport where possible. 
After 6.00pm and all day Sunday we are able to use the spaces allocated to The Windsor Glass Co. and Howden's (free of charge) on the Vansittart Industrial Estate (Unit 10). Access is via Vansittart Road and Duke Street, and once you have followed the road onto the Industrial Estate the parking is to your left.  
If the gates leading to the storage company are open you can walk to the studio through their car park or if they are locked, you will need to walk to the left of Windsor Glass, and Howden’s then right, and then right again onto Arthur Road next to Laithwaites the Wine Merchants.  
For more information on parking in Windsor have a look at 
We request that attendees at Yoga for Harmony do not park, drop off, pick up or wait in the area outside the studio, outside the flats opposite or adjacent, or within the gates of the storage company next door, as this causes congestion and is potentially dangerous for those walking to and from our entrance.  
We suggest you familiarise yourself with parking conditions before you attend for the first time and leave plenty of time to park. 

Is membership required or available? 

Membership is not offered at Yoga for Harmony and is therefore not required to attend any of our classes. All tutors hire the studio space and organise there own student bookings and payments and bookings. Most tutors offer a block payment option for their classes.  

I am pregnant – what classes are suitable for me? 

Some classes are not suitable for you if you are pregnant. Please discuss this with the tutor of the class before attending. Always let the tutor know you are pregnant. If you already have a regular yoga practise, and the tutor is happy for you to attend the class then there should be no reason to stop your practise, please check with your tutor first.  
If you are looking for a dedicated Yoga for Pregnancy class, then why not enroll on the Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth classes with Caroline on a Saturday morning. This class is specifically for pregnant ladies from the second trimester (after the twelve week scan).  

What are the studio opening times? 

The studio is only open when classes are running. Tutors aim to be at the studio about 10 minutes before the start of class so do not be alarmed if the door is locked if you arrive early. For security reasons the front door will be locked once the class starts so if you arrive a few minutes late you will need to knock to gain access. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late you may not be allowed to join the class as this disturbs the attendees who have already begun the class.  
We are closed Good Friday, all Bank Holiday Mondays, and for a two week period over Christmas and New Year. Regular classes are subject to change or cancellations on Bank holiday weekends.  
Please check our timetable or with your tutor. 

Do I need to book? 

Our weekly, monthly and guest tutor classes MUST be pre-booked. 
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic you will not be able to just turn up for the foreseeable future. Weekl and monthly class bookings are to be made with the individual tutors. It is best to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the start of class to make sure mats can be arranged according to the allocated spaces. Numbers are being limited to allow for adequate persoanl space.  
If it is your first attendance, please make sure you arrive in time to discuss any medical conditions or injuries with your tutor.  
Guest tutor workshops must be pre-booked via the website of with Julie direct. Places are not confirmed without payment. 

I am under 18 – can I attend a class? 

Curretnly we do not have any classes specifically for Teenagers and Children:- 
If you are under 18, it is usual for tutors to request that you only attend adult classes if you are accompanied by a parent or guardian or you bring written consent from your parent or guardian. You will need to check with the tutor before you attend. 

How much does the class cost and how do I pay? 

Due to the restrictions on class numbers the usual ‘drop-in’ facility is not available for any of the classes. You will need to pre-book and make payment direct with the tutor of the class.  
Classes vary in cost depending on the time of day and the length of the class. Most are between £10 and £15 per session. If you ‘click’ on the class of interest on the timetable page, you will see the cost of that class, together with other details such as tutor contact details, class description, tutor profile. Most tutors offer block payments,  

What do I need to bring? 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic students attending in-person classes need to bring their own mat and any props they might like to use during class such as blanket, blocks and belt. You will also need to bring your own water/drink 

Terms and conditions of guest tutor workshop bookings 

Places are only reserved upon receipt of full payment, and are only guaranteed once you have received confirmation of funds processed. Refunds can only be given if your place can be filled by someone on the waiting list. 

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