Harmony Therapy Room 

Our specially created space offering a selection of holistic treatments for all your relaxation and well-being needs. 

Harmony Therapy Room  

Located adjacent to the Yoga studio with its own private entrance. 
We have a selection of therapists offering treatments that include: Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports and Remedial Massage Thai Yoga Therapeutic Massage / Beauty and Pamper Treatments / Mental Health Coaching & Therapy / Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy / Cancer Rehabilitation / Reflexology / Fascia Release / Scar Tissue Release / Reiki. 
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Please be aware we do not have client parking outside the therapy room,  
but there are plenty of public car parks nearby. 

Soft Tissue Therapy – Sports and Remedial Massage with Janni Danielsen 

As a Soft Tissue Therapist, I work with a variety of problems. Whether it being sports massage, deep tissue therapy, stretching or other techniques, it is important for me to always have the client at focus and work together during the massage treatment. 
I am looking at the body as a whole and not as individual muscles/joints or part. I review your body and treat you with the best suitable techniques to compliment how your body functions as a whole. Soft Tissue Therapy is a mix of Sports and Remedial Massage combined with rehabilitation advice and exercises. I use many different techniques such as neuromuscular techniques, muscle energy, stretching, friction and of course regular massage. 
Appointments are available: Monday from 3.00pm, Tuesdays 9am to 3.00pm, and Saturday mornings 8am to 2.00pm 
To make appointments go to Janni’s website 
where you can book on-line.  

Massage & Pamper Treatments  with Deorne Richardson 

Skincare facials, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, manicures and pedicures, body scrubs and various massage treatments 
For details of treatments offered please see Deorne’s website: www.restfultherapylounge.com 
Appointments are available: Tuesdays to Fridays 5pm-7pm, Selected Saturdays after 2.30pm and selected Sundays. 
To make appointments contact Deorne on 07711 967 603 or email deorner@gmail.com website www.restfultherapylounge.com 

Reflexology, Fascia release, Scar tissue release (MSTR) and Reiki with Muna 

Reset your system and escape your daily routine to create "Me" time and put your mind in neutral. 
The offered treatments are designed to establish homeostasis in the body, a balance of Body and Mind. 
I have worked in Asia for the past 10 years, treating a wide range of people, ages and needs, alongside Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Doctors. 
Therapies offered: 
Reflexology, Fascia release (not a massage), Scar tissue release (MSTR) and Reiki. 
Contact Muna at f.glowhealth@gmail.com 
or 07882 122 820 for available appointment times 

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & Cancer Rehabilitation with Gemma 

Musculoskeletal refers to the function of the nerves, muscles and skeleton, and how these systems are interconnected. As a specialists in this field, Gemma is able to accurately assess, diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the MSK system. 
Gemma also offers Cancer Rehabilitation providing individualised, prescribed physiotherapy rehabilitation to women and men diagnosed with cancer; helping them heal as well as possible, and function at optimal levels through every stage of their cancer treatment and recovery. 
Gemma Harris BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, APPI Cert Pilates Level 1 and Level 2, MCSP, HCPC Registered. 
Since qualifying in 2010, Gemma has worked across inpatient and outpatient settings in the NHS and private practice. In recent years she has undertaken specialist training to become certified to provide the PINC, STEEL and NEXT STEPS Cancer Rehab Programs. Gemma is passionate about helping patients manage the physical side effects of cancer surgery and treatment.  
For more information on PINC & STEEL visit pincandsteel.co.uk 
Appointments are availabe Fridays 1pm to 4pm 
Contact Gemma for more information: 
email: gemma@trinityphysio.co.uk or 
phone 07732 622 761 

Mental Health Coaching | Therapy  with Evelina 

Our past experiences, interactions, learnings, character traits, genetics, and even evolutionary heritage shape the way we respond to the environment now, the way we deal with pressure, and most importantly – it defines the level of success, happiness and wellbeing that we can create in our lives and businesses. The goal of brain-based mental health coaching and therapy is to help you find your best resources within, to take positive lessons from negative experiences, and discover your true potential by learning how to listen to the needs and wisdom of your own mind and body. 
Contact me for help with; Past traumatic experiences / Emotional resilience building / Coping with anxiety, depression, stress / Deleting your fears and phobias / Confidence and public speaking training / Improving your memory and learning skills / Finding your work-life balance / Career progression and leadership coaching / Support dealing with changes in your life and business. 
I always offer a free, confidential, no-obligation chat before working together, to give you an opportunity to get to know me in person and to allow me to explore if I am able to help you, and how.  
Contact me at evelina@elitemind.co.uk, +44 7825 163 763. 

Thai Yoga Therapeutic Massage with Justine 

Thai massage has for a long time been considered medical treatment in Thailand. The therapist puts you through a series of stretches that cover the entire body. (That’s why it’s often called lazy man’s yoga). Thai massage also includes deep pressure point work to stimulate the body’s energy pathways. 
Justine is a Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist with over 10000 hours of massage experience and a full time Yoga Instructor. 
Contact Justine at justinecclifford@gmail.com 
or 07715 652 758 for available appointment times 

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