Business Development Workshop: 6 steps to a profitable holistic practise  Live 'on-line' with Evelina 


Sunday April 24 @ 10.15am - 1:00 pm 
Yoga teachers, holistic practitioners, and other help-providing professionals often struggle to start and grow the business. 
This workshop is specifically designed to provide an introduction to the principles that are required to ensure that you can make  
a living out of doing what you love. 

Developed by Evelina Dzimanaviciute, a successful business consultant, therapist and mental health coach, this workshop will cover a '6-step' framework Evelina is using to help her clients build sustainable and profitable businesses. 

The topics covered will include: 
Your Brand Identity: what you want to be known for. 
Your Audience: who you want to work with. 
The Problem: what pain points you solve through your service 
Lead Generation: how to find your clients, and how they find you. 
Sales: how to turn conversations and trial experiences into paying clients 
Your Method: how you’re different, how exactly you achieve results and measure your progress. 
It is an interactive workshop where you will be guided to create your own starting framework, and to understand obstacles and limitations that prevent yoga teachers and holistoc practitioners from growing successful business 
This session forms part of our Teacher Training Syllabus, but is also directed to any yoga, pilates, holistic practitioner or anyone with their own business to promote 
How To Book and more information: 
This is an 'on-line' event and the booking process will send you the required 
'Zoom' link with confirmation:- 
Parking - Please be aware that there are no  
parking facilities outside the studio 
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