Connect to Your High-Self Workshop through Cacao, Yoga and Meditation with Vayia 

Connect to Your High-Self Workshop through Cacao, Yoga and Meditation 

Saturday November 6 @ 2.00pm - 5:00 pm 
£45 inclusive of your cup of cacao. 


I am so excited to offer this fabulous workshop. Connect to Your High-Self Workshop through Cacao, Yoga and Meditation. 
Everything we need to know and everything we need to find, everything we need to be all comes from within us. 
All knowledge is within you. All answers you seek are within the universe inside of you. All dreams, goals, heart desires, manifestations all lye within you. 
This workshop is about connecting to your spiritual self, your soul, your high self for you to receive all the knowledge and guidance you need to live the life you love, seek the peace you are entitled to and help the people around you. 
In this workshop we will use the magical power of cacao to bring us deeper into our inner-being, to connect with our heart and live from the energy of love. 
Can't wait to hold this beautiful space for you and guide you to the beautiful depths and goddess that you are. 
All care is taken for COVID protocol compliance – places are limited and must be pre-booked with Vayia. Please read our in person attendance guidelines before coming to the event here. 
How To Book and for more information: 
If you have any questions or would like to book please contact Vayia  
Transformational Meditation Teacher Trainer and Founder / Yoga Teacher / Reiki Master |Author of 'Journey To Your Soul Purpose' 
Parking - Please be aware that there are no  
parking facilities outside the studio 
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