Moving Inwards in your Yoga journey………..  presented by Filomena Duarte  


The second of a series of 3 Saturday afternoons 2.00pm to 3.30pm 
Saturday 17th September, Saturday 8th October, Saturday 29th October 2022 
Cost: £60 for all three or single sessions £25 
Freedom from fear, anger, greed, sorrow, grief, self-doubt and limitation - 
infused with the experience of joy and tranquillity…………The ancient yogis 
called this state ‘Vishoka’, and insisted that we all can reach it. For most of us 
this is beyond our capacity to imagine, yet, this is the promise of the teachings 
of great Masters like Buddha and Patanjali,  
who experienced and embodied this in their own lifetime. 
For them, being free from such pain and suffering was directly proportional to 
inner self-work aimed at developing an inward, calm, clear, alert, discerning 
and focused mind. The outcome of this state of mind, they taught,  
allowed an awareness to unfold and the source of true  
happiness to be revealed and experienced. 
Vishoka Meditation is a complete experiential system of meditation grounded 
in this wisdom. 
If new to both Yoga and/or Meditation, contact Filomena directly for guidance. 
How To Book and for more information: 
contact Filomena Duarte (Fil) direct on:  
email: or phone 07789 275 999 
Please be aware that there are no parking facilities outside the studio. 
Click on button below for directions and local parking. 
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