Resources & Learning 

Below is a selection of Resources & Learning Material that I have collected that I hope will be of interest.  I am continually adding to the selection and I hope you enjoy the reading and the practises. 

Alleviating and managing stress and anxiety 

Content provided by Filomena Duarte. 

Suggested Strategies for transforming distressing emotions through self- observation and inner dialogue 

Content provided by Filomena Duarte. 

Hasta Mudras 

What are Hasta Mudras and what are they used for. 


What are they and how are they used? 

The Chakras 

What are they? 

Chaos or calm – how to rewire your stress response 

An article by Carrie Demers MD – Yoga International Magazine. 

Articles of Interest 

There are many articles written often very technical and 
difficult to absorb.  
One of my favourite tutors Peter Blackaby is a great writer and great speaker who has written a selection of articles.  
Excellent for yoga teachers, hands on therapists, as well as anyone who is just interested. 

Breathing Practises 

Here are some recordings of breathing and meditation practises that you can try at home. 

Yoga Tutorials 

Take a look at some yoga tutorial videos  

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