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Yoga Video Tutorials with Julie 

Standing Poses 

An example of two classic standing postures interpreted to give a brief illustration, but there are many different options possible. The first is ‘Triangle’ or ‘Trikonasana’ and the second ‘Warrior II’ or ‘Virabhadrasana’. Both are good for developing awareness of connecting feet to the ground and to establish good stability through the legs and feet. In a class situation the postures would be practised on both sides ie the left foot in front as well as the right foot in front in turn. 

Supine Preparations 

Often these postures are practised as ‘starters’ or ‘warm-ups’ for the sessions. These sorts of movements or ‘asanas’ provide the spine with 3 of its 4 main movements, so very helpful for preparing for some stronger asanas that may follow. They can be simplified or adapted for stronger options, and very useful for spinal discomforts, lower back pain, shoulder problems amongst other things. 

Seated Twist 

Classic seated twist or ‘Ardha Matsyendrasana’. There are many variations in the seated twist family of asanas, with the legs/hips in varying positions and the spine able to twist both to the left and right. Excellent for releasing the spine, and for abdominal/organ health. 

Dog Pose 

A well recognised yoga posture ‘Adho Mukha Shvanasana’. Can be interpreted in many different ways, but often included in a regular class or practise. Lovely for opening space in the upper body, developing good use of the feet amongst many other benefits. Can be modified for those just beginning their practise or adapted for more impact for those with more experience. 

All Fours Cat 

Classic Cat pose ‘Marjariasana’. This interpretation allows the spine to explore forward bending backward bending and lateral bending. This posture has many adaptations and very helpful for those experiencing back discomfort. Excellent for finding fluid movement of the spine and very soothing for the nervous system. 

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