Exploring the Immune System Yoga and Nutritional strategies for optimal health  with  Natasha and Harvey Draycott 


Sunday March 25th @ 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm  
Cost £30  
Discount of 20% for NHS - use the code 'NHS23' 
Come and join us for an educational workshop encompassing movement and nutrition yoga and breathwork practioner, Harvey Draycott and registered nutritionist, Natasha Draycott. 
Harvey is deeply passionate about movement, drawing from his extensive background in personal training, and functional movement as a qualified FRC coach as well as a Yoga teacher and breath-work practitioner. He places great importance on integrating breathwork and yoga into his practice, believing that exploring diverse movement forms is crucial for  
maintaining optimal nervous system health. 
Natasha is a registered Nutritional Therapist, specialising in gut and skin health, sports performance, and genetics. With seven years of experience in the field, Natasha embarked on her journey into nutrition after facing her own battles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and a chronic stomach virus contracted during a trip to India, which led Natasha to embark on a journey to restore her gut health. Natasha has also studied epigenetics—the interaction between 
our genes and our environment, and the role nutrition has on gene expression. She empowers clients through education and practical guidance, working with actors, comedians, and athletes. Natasha has been featured in the BBC, The Evening Standard, and Sherlux magazine, 
and collaborated with brands like Lucky Saint and G-Spot. 
More information and how to book 
For more information about the event and to book,  
please contact Harvey and Natasha: 
Email: info@ndnutrition.co.uk 
Mobile: 07931 231 471 
Please be aware that there are no  
parking facilities outside the studio 
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