Monthly Sunday Sound Bath   with Tanya  

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Sunday August 6 @ 8.00pm - 9.15pm 


Research has shown that sound healing has several benefits, including: 
increased relaxation / a more positive outlook / a more accessible meditative state 
reduced or healed physical pain / heightened consciousness 
reduced stress / lessened exhaustion / increased energy levels 
The hypnotic, ethereal sounds from the crystal bowls, harmonics from the Himalayan bowls and rhythmic vibrations from the wind gong will relax your body, mind and spirit and may shift your brainwaves from beta (active mind) to alpha (resting mind),  
and even delta (associated with deep sleep) brainwaves. 
All you need to do is come along, slip off your shoes, lie down on a yoga mat,  
close your eyes and breathe. 
Tanya is a qualified crystal and Himalayan bowl sound healing practitioner and now hosts monthly soundbaths  
at Yoga for Harmony, Sundays at 8pm and Saturdays at 2.30pm 
How To Book and for more information: 
This event is usually on the first Sunday of the month.  
More dates for 2023: 3rd Sept, 1st Oct, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec 
If you have any questions or would like to book please contact Tanya 
Parking - Please be aware that there are no  
parking facilities outside the studio 
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