Wuji: Primordial Qigong  Spring Workshops 2024  with David Moseley 

Join David 

Saturday afternoons on March 16th and April 27th @ 1.00pm - 4.00pm  
Each 3-hour workshop stands by itself as an introduction. Both days together will 
give a more complete view. Open to beginners and more experienced students. 
each session is £30 
OR £50 if you come to both and pay in advance 
‘Before Taiji, there is Wuji...’ This style of qigong (energy work) comes from the mountains of southern China, is said to be over 800 years old and created by the legendary founder of Taiji (Tai Chi). Wuji refers to a state of stillness, harmony and potential always accessible to us, even in  
the midst of chaos and confusion. 
For centuries preserved in secrecy and rarely taught even today, Wuji Gong is open to anyone seeking inner stillness, increased energy and enhanced well-being. With roots in the qi energy-healing and Taoist arts of China, this remarkable form combines elements of qigong, feng shui, and Taiji in one simple movement sequence, a grounding and centring daily practice ritual for self- cultivation and transformation. 
The movements of Wuji Gong are simple and accessible for most people to learn. They are enjoyable to practice, require very little space and take only 15 minutes. These workshops offer a complete introduction, so anyone can begin to access the benefits of Wuji Gong. You will also learn about the fascinating background and long history behind the form. The workshops include basic Taiji movement skills and qigong meditations to help you find the  
inner stillness of Wuji. 
Open to beginners and more experienced students. 
Each 3-hour workshop stands by itself as an introduction.  
Both days together will give a more complete view.  
For more information and to book 
contact the tutor David Moseley,  
07906 818268 / davidjm2@tiscali.co.uk 
TCUGB Instructor (Grade 1) with over 30 years of teaching experience 
Please be aware that there are no parking facilities outside the studio 
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